ContactLab tell us about their Business Core to Meet Magento Spain 2016

Who are you? What is the hard core of your company?

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Contactlab offers a set of products and Services Products that enable brands to get the most out of their customer engagement strategies Our Engagement Marketing platform extend our market-leading multi-channel messaging solution with a suite of new proprietary products for comprehensive management of digital direct marketing campaigns.

What is your opinion about the future of ecommerce in 5 years?

Our digital frontiers report, in cooperation with Exane BNP Paribas, shows how the brands in 2020 will know virtually all of their clients by name; The number of registered and digitally contactable clients continues to rise. They spend more in-store (+16%) and lead cross-channel development.

What is your opinion about the Magento platform? How do you see the growth of e-commerce ecosystems around the world?

Magento is a very flexible platform, used by thousands of brands around the world. The Magento ecosystem makes the adoption very easily both for new businesses that need to enter rapidly into the ecommerce system and enterprise businesses that want to increase and grow the online volume.

Mobile and IOT system are the future of e-commerce. Our latest EDBS says that in Europe 40% of internet users admit to connect to the web with a smartphone meanwhile being in a store. In Chinese metropolitan area such as Shanghai the percentage is 64%. Moreover, 20% of newsletters subscribers sign in online and in store, showing not only the willingness to provide more personal data in order to receive most relevant communications, but also to be hyper connected or ubiquitous customers.

Is your first time in Meet Magento Spain? yes What do you expect about the event? If you have been in other editions, what is your opinion?

Magento represents a great opportunity to explore the Spanish Market and meet the main players. Moreover, it’s the place where you can establish new synergies and collaboration with strategic partners.